Textile Fiestas of Mexico – A Travelers Guide

This is for you lovely followers who have subscribed to Living Textile of Mexico and haven’t heard from me for over a year! I guess the question is…Why has my blog been deeply unattended?

The answer is…  you are conjuring up and writing a BOOK !

So I’m happy to announce, available October 2016, Textile Fiestas of Mexico – A Traveler’s Guide to Celebrations, Markets and good shopping by Sheri Brautigam. Published by THRUMS

This is something I’ve been working  unconsciously since I moved to Mexico in 2007 and starting documenting my adventures visiting fiestas and markets in the State of Mexico, Michoacan, Puebla, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Particularly these places, as they have the largest indigenous communities in Mexico and therefore have the widest variety of traditional textiles. Of course, I was collecting and developing relationships with artisans in these places as I returned to some many times.

Then came the incubation period, beginning in 2011, when I returned to the states after four years in Mexico. I started thinking about how I could be helpful and promote these traditional artisans and the complex and amazing labor that they went through for each beautiful item I was seeing and sometimes buying. I started talking to museum curators and other photographers and authors in Santa Fe, NM, who I knew had undergone the process of publishing.

Honestly, for such a niche market subject, it looked unlikely I would find a publisher and publishing this information myself seemed rather a daunting task, but I hung in there. I made a pretty iBook sample with my best photos, illustrating the concept I was trying to develop and showed it around for a couple of years. I even sold some of these expensive little copies to a few friends.

At the Convergence Conference (2011) in Long Beach, CA, where I was presenting  a couple lectures on Mexican textiles, I bought a copy of “A Textile Guide to the Highlands of Chiapas” by Walter F. Morris, Jr.  I went into WOW-mode realizing there WAS a niche publisher out there. Who was THRUMS?  It took a couple more years before I actually connected with publisher Linda Ligon and she saw my iBook sample. Then another WOW moment and YES let’s do it! But in six months!!! My motto…just say YES!  Luckily I had already done most of the work, gotten most of the images and ONLY had to write it! (more or less)

Here’s my lively guide to where and when to go Mexico and what to buy ! It should be very useful to you textile junkies out there, who want to explore Mexico, and remember these places are safe to visit and also have great food and lodgings. Carry on, go there… and collect some wonderful textiles! Thanks for your patience.

You can pre-order on Amazon, NOW (so you won’t forget) or it could be in your favorite book store if you ask them to order some from THRUMS.





25 thoughts on “Textile Fiestas of Mexico – A Travelers Guide

  1. This is great! I don’t recall how I got on this list, but I’m glad I did. I’ll buy the book. If you ever run into vintage bags in Mexico, please keep me in mind.

    Thanks,Bo Chipman202.374.3362

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  2. This is the book I have been looking for! I want to connect the artisans with buyers that appreciate Mexican textiles. Thank you so much writing it. I pre-ordered on Amazon. I am coming to Mexico in February 2017 and will have your book as a guide. Perfect.

    • Great Gail! Thanks for your interest. I will be in Mexico in February too. Let me know what you looking for and maybe I know some people that you’ll want to contact. Hope you speak Spanish!

  3. Yippy Sheri – am going to Amazon and pre-order your book now. Have a good time
    with Norma’s visit.

    • THANKS Susanne – it’s been a long but F U N road. I’m happy it’s coming out and so will a whole lot of textile artisans!

    • Hi Helen – thanks for you enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a distributor in San Miguel A….we’re working on it. Maybe there will be Amate bookstore in Oaxaca. Not sure where you are living but I’m sure you’ll be able to get one in Mexico. They’re available in October…only 4 more months.

    • Since we will have distribution in Mexico – give me the name of your local English Book store and we will contact them to see if they would like to order for their store.
      Thanks in advance for your help.

      • ” A Page in the Sun ” carries English books though not sure if only used . There’s a cool store in the mall “Gallerias ” on the top floor called Huun libros and Lounge . They carry English & Spanish books and are more artsy .

    • Helen and Sheri, For anyone living in Mexico, “Textile Fiestas” will be available from Abrazos Boutique and San Miguel Designs in San Miguel de Allende and we ship all over Mexico via Mex Post or Federal Express. We are getting books directly from the publisher in September. To learn about how to place your order it is best to “Like” our Facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/AbrazosSanMiguel/, or to write to me directly, sanmiguelpatrice@mac.com. Saludos! Patrice Wynne, owner

    • Hi Priscilla – right now it’s on pre-order on Amazon, but it won’t be available until October.
      So you can order it – or I’ll be sending out more information once it comes out and maybe you get it from me!
      Do you have a wonderful craft or travel oriented book store near you? We can contact them and maybe they’ll order it.

  4. Hi Sherri,

    Congratulations ! I was wondering if it was still a dream. And lo! You’ve done it! I can’t wait to get my copy.

    Alice Erb >

    • Thanks Alice I appreciate your comments…
      I’ve been working on it for almost 10 years – but you know how these things go…you have to find the right concept and the right publisher, I certainly had the experiences and the photos and of course now I have a BIG textile collection.
      Hope all is well in Berkeley….

    • Guess what Jo – remind Charlotte I sent her the promo info and maybe she’ll order it for MAIWA and you can buy it there!
      Great to hear from you – and you recognize some of my Chiapas market pictures….because you were there with me!

  5. This looks fabulous Sheri! Can’t wait to purchase my copy!


    On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 6:25 PM, Living Textiles of Mexico wrote:

    > livingtextilesofmexico posted: “This is for you lovely followers who have > subscribed to Living Textile of Mexico and haven’t heard from me for over a > year! I guess the question is…Why has my blog been deeply unattended? The > answer is… when you are conjuring up and writing a BOOK ! ” >

    • Thanks Mary – yes, 3 months to wait – but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and you’ll want to go to Mexico – pronto!

  6. Congratulations Sheri on your book. I have pre ordered on Amazon and I will also be using it as a guide for Oaxaca shopping in Feb. 2017.

    • THANKS Patrice – for putting this out there that Textile Fiestas of Mexico – travelers guide will be available from a distributor in Mexico (San Miguel Allende).
      This will reach the people who are in the best position to enjoy it! Traveling through Mexico, attending the Festivals and Markets where you can find the BEST traditional Mexico.

  7. ¡Felicidades! Can’t wait to see it!!! I’ve pre-ordered my copy and hoping to pick it up when I’m in the Bay Area in early Oct. 😉 Any plans to come down to Oaxaca to promote it?

    • Thanks Shannon –
      My publisher gave me an advance copy and I’m really pleased. It’s colorful, filled with images, and cheerful just like Mexico’s Fiestas! I hope it proves helpful for people on the search for traditional textiles.
      I’ll be back in Oaxaca the end-ish of January for a few weeks so Norma Schafer, who has written two articles for the guide, is looking for a venue for a presentation we would do together for promotion. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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