Sheri Brautigam lived in Mexico in the colonial city of Oaxaca starting in early 2009 – mid 2011, while pursuing her passion for documenting ‘living’ (those still currently in use) indigenous textiles of Mexico. Currently Sheri lives in Santa Fe, NM, and travels frequently to Oaxaca and Chiapas.

In a past life Sheri spent 18 years custom designing textile products and art-to-wear from her design studio in San Francisco, CA. She also has extensive experience in teaching marketing and product development workshops to textile artists, textile depts. at local universities and design schools, and several years as an art-rep to the interior design market in the Bay Area.

Over the last 20 years she has been based in Taos and then Santa Fe, New Mexico and has lived and traveled in Ecuador and other Andean countries, plus Mexico, while buying and selling devotional art, indigenous textiles and jewelry to the Ethnic Arts market in New Mexico, California and Texas. She is currently documenting her textile adventures on Flickr, FaceBook and this blog. She gives lectures to interested collectors and fiber guilds  as well as textile conferences in Canada and the US. (Listings coming soon of presentation schedule….) and presentations through the Museo Textile of Oaxaca.

Sheri came to Mexico initially 2007  as an English Language Fellow (ELF) with the US State Dept through the US Embassy in Mexico City. She’s trained English teachers in the State of Mexico, at an Escuela Normal in Atlacomulco and then moved onto Oaxaca as an ‘English Language Specialist’ providing in-service training to Mexican English teachers through local universities.

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  1. Beautiful webpage, Sheri! What a fascinating life you have created for yourself. So glad you and Oscar are working together. Please give him my warmest regards. And to you!

  2. Hello Sheri,
    I am really loving seeing your work and you. I just saw the you tube video of the trip and saw Holly too! Was that Elaine I spied also?
    I hope to get to SF in April after too long away. And I really would love to come to the lovely place you live in Mexico. It is inspirational for me to witness you as you have continued on your path- from Painted Cakes to Oaxacan Culture. Many blessings. Heidi

  3. Buenos dias Sherri,
    Your blog has me smiling and singing to see what you are doing.

    I am on the Maiwa mailing list and am from Vancouver Island. I felt wool and other fibres to make sculptural form.

    Are you aware of the WTA conference that will begin today in Xalapa, Veracruz? http://www.wta-online.org. It is a conference/exhibition of textile art happening in Xalapa,Mexico City, and Oaxaca.

    I will be in Mexico City. Do you have a favorite place to stay while in the D.F? Any suggestions of galleries, museums, restaurants that are good to visit?

    Gracias and I hope to meet you when you are in Vancouver.
    Te cuidas,
    Joanne Circle

    • Hi Joanne – very happy that you are enjoying the blog – as much as I am reporting.
      But honestly I have more fun ‘being there’ than writing about it – so I’m not too prolific actually.
      I have about 12 stories/events waiting to be written up so hang in there. I’m currently on my way back to New Mexico
      and in San Miguel Allende for a week or two where I will do another “Living Textile’ presentation. Please write me at my private e-mail
      and we can continue the dialogue on DF. When do you go there?

  4. Hola Sheri soy Alejandro Almanza y tengo una colección de textiles mexicanos, quisiera tener un atuendo de Santa Rosa, leí el artículo de Artes de México y me gustaría tener uno. Me podrías dar los datos de la Asociación de Flores Silvestres para comunicarme directamente con ellas y pedírselos? Te lo agradeceré mucho, recibe un saludos y mi felicitación por tu interés en nuestro tesoro nacional: los textiles.

    • Hola Alejandro – lo siento mucho mi tardez en repuesta….
      Desde Junio me ha regresado a los estado unidos por el ano. Regresare a Mexico el ano viene, ojala.
      Tengo numero de cellular de Regina Torres pero esta muy problematico una llamada a ellos – MEJOR pasar en persona al pueblo de Santa Rosa y pregunta para ella en la farmacia enfrente del iglesia.
      Necesita un relacion con ellas para conseguir un traje.
      La cosa es – estes trajes estan son muy trabajoso hacer y ellas no se hacen a vender. Pero con mucho suerte se puede pedir una y se paga bien bien bien vas a tener un traje en un ano o mas – o posible un traje usado. Quien sabe pero esta una adventura, seguro….
      Sheri Brautigam
      Si no tienes suete hablame en 2012 y cuando regresa a Mexico hablare con las mujeres.

  5. Sheri,

    I love your videos and reading about the weaving techniques found in Mexico. In November I’m going to Oaxaca and I’m excited to see the art in person. I’m building a home in Puerto Escondido and I hope to incorporate many authentic pieces of art work in my home.

    • Hi Muriel – I have a good friend Patrice Perille who lives in Puerto Escondido and she works with a weaving co-op in Pinotepa de Don Luis.
      Each year in Nov/December she has the ladies come to her house for a sale. That would be a wonderful place to find some authentic local textiles.
      Write to me at lalucita@yahoo.com and I’ll put you in contact with Patrice.

  6. Hi sheri,
    I’m an textile artist from teotitlan del valley oaxaca,
    I know based in California. I just want to thank you
    For everything you are doing for my tribal communities,

    Best regards
    Porfirio gutierrez
    Zapotec weaver

    • Dear Porfirio – Thanks for your comments. I lived in Teotitlan for about 6 or 7 months in 2009 and was so honored to meet so many wonderful people and experience your wonderful culture. It is totally an honor for me to be invited to experience your culture and have an exchange there with the Mazahua ladies of Santa Rosa de Lima (Edo. Mexico). That was truly a high light of my work with Mexican textile artists – the interchange of two groups who hand-spin, natural dye their traje and (in the cae of the Mazahua) hand-weave on the classic back-strap loom.
      My job is to bring this information to textile lovers in the US -to introduce them to the traditional textiles of Mexico. I just presented on Mexcian textiles at the MAIWA Textile Symposium in Vancouver Canada and next year I’ll be at the National Handweavers and Spinners Conference – Convergence in Long Beach, CA. If you live near Long Beach – let me know and we can meet next July 2012.
      Saludos y VIVA Textiles Mexicanas!!!!

  7. Hi Sheri – I’m a friend of Gary Fargo and Sherry Margolin from the old Camp Meeker Days. Also know Chip Morris from Na Baloom. I will be in Oaxaca in February and was wondering if you could steer me around some of the textiles in the city and neighbouring communities. Love this blog – hope to hear from you. Thanks

    Dave Hodges

  8. Hola Sheri,
    yes, I live near Long Beach. It will be nice to meet you and share with you my mission as Zapotec weaver here in US.
    Can you give me a contact info.


    • Hi Porfirio – It would be lovely to meet you in person. I’m not sure of my exact dates of presentations at Convergence – HandWeavers and Dyers Conference, but I’ll be happy to let you know. Sometime after July 15th 2012. Contact me at my lalucita@yahoo.com and we can exchange information.
      Sheri Brautigam

  9. Sheri,
    I don’t know if you remember me. I was introduced to you in Oaxaca thru Casa Raab. You connected me with the woman who designs and produces the crochet clothing from San Juan. I have a Mexican import store in Texas. I have met with Teresa several times and have purchased a large quantity of clothing from her. My customers love her work and the fact that she employs many women in her village. Thank you so much for the referral. I hope to see you again. My buying trips take me to Mexico almost every month. Maybe we can meet up again soon. I hope to be in Oaxaca in June. I LOVE your work, your passion and your web site. See you soon. Deb A Mano, Port Aransas, TX

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  11. Hi Sheri:
    For some reason I can’t find your e-mail address to talk to you about your Las Tejedoras Guild talk next month. I seem to have lost all my computer correspondence with you. Please e-mail me.
    Pam Grob

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