MY TWO Shops on Etsy – unique gifts!

This is the time of year when we’re looking for that ‘special’ item for that ‘special’ person. If you’re like me, while I’m looking for gifts, I usually find a few for myself!  Not necessarily a bad thing, it’s the thrill of treasure hunt, until one day you realize that your storage area is STUFFED full of treasures that need new homes.

My Etsy shop LIVING TEXTILES – (click here) – has really gotten going this last year – so many of my Mexico textile finds and parts of my personal collection has moved on (even a large group of huipiles going to Kuwait last month). Now my ethnic jewels are happily running off to new owners. Here a flashy Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, skirt to wear to a Holiday party – you’ll be noticed!

to aImage

Please also check out my second Etsy shop LUCITAS BODEGA (click here) for many ethnographic items from my years collecting/buying devotional art in Ecuador and Mexico plus truly decorative collectors items from OLD Mexico. Once a collector there is no choice but to become a dealer/vendor to keep the momentum. So bear with me – my son is worried about my collection becoming HIS collection. I suggested he could open a store called ‘Dead Mom’s Stuff’ – but that’s a bit tacky. Probably better to sell it now on Etsy!


You’ll find some truly interesting things in my stores – ’tis the time of year to GO SHOPPING – as if you really needed to hear that!

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