Hand/Eye Article – Documenting the lives of Textiles in Mexico

An article was published this week, OCT. 10th., in Hand/Eye Magazine, an on-line e-zine – connecting cultures and inspiring action – covering  ‘Living Textiles of Mexico’ and my work documenting indigenous textiles in Mexico. Annie Waterman did an e-interview asking some very poignant questions. The article was woven nicely and coherently with my responses and if you are curious about  ‘what exactly does she do?’ – you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the link:




7 thoughts on “Hand/Eye Article – Documenting the lives of Textiles in Mexico

  1. Sheri, I saw this as a subscriber and thought, wow, it’s great that Sheri is sharing her knowledge about Mexican textiles with the world. Good for you and wonderful descriptions of Mexico and her traditions, her people, and her women!

  2. Hi Sherita, The first weekend of ArTrails is drawing to a close, for me it wasn’t very profitable sadly and the visitors rather light. Of course you saw my new lamps and glad they are finished, I like how they came out and will make more. I love your photos as you know, how you capture the Oaxacan’s in costumes that would look silly on most but on them it works and they do look pretty! yippy it’s 3 minuted until I can close up my studio and stop being a hostess! xox Suki

  3. Sheri, I enjoy all your posts, but this is exceptionally interesting. The depth of the questions, and your responses, makes me bow deeply to the importance of what you are doing in these projects. You’ve also created a richly stimulating life for yourself. Love the photos too.

    • That was a lovely post Anna – and I’m glad you appreciate my work. The interview really made me clarify my work the last few years. It’s been very exciting work because I learn so much from the artisans. I hope I can return soon to Chiapas and get on with a couple of projects I have in mind.

  4. sheri,

    I do hope that you have been thinking about a possible outing for Los Amigos that we talked about this summer in Santa Fe. Please advise.

    john waddell

  5. Hi John – thanks for you interest. At this point I’m pretty committed this next year – to a large project in Chiapas, a Mexcian textile exhibit in Colorado and as a SantaFe/Taos guide for a group from Australia.
    We can talk about what you might want do in Mexico – let me know your ideas.

  6. Hi Sheri:
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent interview. It was very interesting to read more about your projects and interest in Mexican textiles.
    Pam Grob

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