Textiles of Oaxaca / Remigio Mestes – Intern.Folk Art Market 2012 – Santa Fe, NM

The International Folk Art Market will be opening in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 13th, 2012 with a previous week full of festivities, parties, concerts and related gallery openings. I’m looking forward to the arrival of Remigio Mestes, a friend from Oaxaca, who for the second year will be bringing the BEST textiles of Oaxaca to the market. Remigio works with about 250 artisans from remote Oaxacan communities, supporting their finest work, promoting the textile arts of Oaxaca and making sure the artist’s kids have the opportunity for higher education, by providing a home for them in Oaxaca City. It’s all part of his master plan for raising the level of Oaxaca’s textile artisans to the highest level of national textile ARTISTS. Remigio has been hard at work for at least 20 years making it happen and now has a store in Mexico City (see below), besides his Baules de Juana Cata store on Alcala street in Oaxaca (his flag ship) and a shop in San Miguel Allende. See my previous post Tres Colores – Indigo, Cochineal &  Caracol  an exhibit of Remigio’s artists’ work at the Museo Arte Popular in San Bartolo Coyotepec (near Oaxaca City) last year.

Last year two of his master weavers, Nicolasa Pascal Martinez from San Bartolo Yautepec and Luisa Jimenez, who is Trique from the Mixteca demonstrated weaving on their traditional back-strap looms. Many beautiful blouses, long huipiles, rebozos/shawls and quechquemitles (triangular caplettes) were offered of very fine weaves, ancient patterns and sumptuous colors. Included are images of garments brought last year as well as the Tres Colores exhibit. I suggest heading over to the Banamex booth, Remigio’s sponsors, EARLY  for the best selection of Oaxacan textiles at the International Folk Art Market July 13 – 15th, Santa Fe, NM.

See Remigio in action in this slide show, at his store in Oaxaca and in the Mixe region with some of his weavers.

His new shop is called Los Baules at the Museo Textile de Oaxaca – near the Oaxaca Zocala and he has also opened a shop in Mexico City store at Isabella Catolica Street, 30-7 in the Centro Historico to broaden the knowledge of indigenous arts throughout Mexico.

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9 thoughts on “Textiles of Oaxaca / Remigio Mestes – Intern.Folk Art Market 2012 – Santa Fe, NM

  1. Hi Sheri
    Don’t know if my first reply went through, so…..the gist of it was where is Remigio’s store in the DF? I would like to check it out when I am next there.

  2. Hi Aldo – It just opened a month or so ago – so I’ll find out when he’s here and get back to you. There’s a new BIG book out on Maestros Artesanos de Oaxaca (don’t quote that) by Banamex – which sold out immediately and I think is available again. Some thing else to look into in DF.
    I’m good – been back from Mexico this year for new knees – so I’ll be heading back the end of the year. This time Chiapas.
    Check out the Artes de Mexico; Textiles Mazahua – out last May – as I have an article in it about ‘rescate traje’ revitalization project in Santa Rosa de Lima, Edo.Mexico. Love those Mazahua ladies.

  3. hi sherita……thank you for the update…sorry i will be missing santa fe this year…..carry on and enjoy for me please…woof woof

  4. Are you going to be in Santa Fe for the market? We are with the Los Amigos group that will be gathering for the Folk Art Fair.
    John Waddell

    • Hi John – I’ll be working at the Banamex booth on Saturday morning so I’ll be at the Market. I’m hoping to also attend Bonnie’s Saturday evening reception before the dinner. I’m leaving the next morning (Sun) for a Fiber Conference in California….so look for me in those two places. Sheri

      • Is Banamex going to have the Oaxaca book? We are arriving Thursday and going to the event on Friday night. Sorry to misout on Convergence and your presentations. I belong to the weavers Guild here in Houston. We will hope to see you at Bonnie’s if not otherwise.

    • Hi John – Hope to see you either at the Market (highly problematic as I’ll only be there Sat AM for early bird)….or at Bonnie’s. That’s a good question – about whether the Banamex ‘Oaxacas Masters’ book will be available. Highly unlikely as they don’t go out of their way to promote their books. The first group sold out within days as they didn’t print very many and then they had to print another round which I think is due at any moment. BUT they could surprise me. Everyone I know who wanted it really got the run-around.

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