Quechquemitles Today – Lecture Museo Textile de Oaxaca

For those of you in Oaxaca – May 11th, 6pm – I am giving a lecture/chat at the Museo de Textile de Oaxaca on the ‘living’ quechquemitles of  Mexico.  It’s an introduction to two communities that still use this unique-to-Mexico-only garment; the Mazahaus of Santa Rosa de Lima, Edo.Mexico and the Nahuas ofCuetzalan, Puebla.  Also I will be showing the garments in context and their production.

This ‘charla’ or talk is is in conjunction with the exhibit ‘Quechquemitls‘ at the Museo Textile de Oaxaca – which currently is showing their large collection of rare historical quechquemitles mostly from Central Mexico where the quechquemitl is still worn in a few communities.


4 thoughts on “Quechquemitles Today – Lecture Museo Textile de Oaxaca

  1. Sheri,
    Wish I could be there with Marsha and Woofy to hear your talk- it sounds most interesting. You are doing good work! E.

    • Thanks Elizabeth – it went well. I had fun with it and it’s my ‘despidida’/goodbye to Oaxaca for awhile.
      I’ll miss this place.

  2. I heard you speak at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market,the evening they spoke about shawls. When you showed these items, you may have noticed that the women in the audience were quite interested, as it is something one could easily wear and not worry about something fitting as one would with other items, such as a blouse etc. Is there a source to purchase these? I think I remember that you said that there aren’t many of them any more.

    • Well Mary – the traditional ones I was talking about – are a bit difficult to find, but I have a few available in my collection, so send me another message to lalucita@yahoo.com and I’ll contact you when I return to Santa Fe the end of the month.

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