Museum of Regional Costumes/ Traje Regional Chiapas

Museum Regional Costumes of Highland Chiapas Calle Guadalupe Victoria #38  near \ Av. 12 de Noviembre – San Cristobal call for appointment around 3pm (967) 678-1609 or show up at 6pm at the door. Donations appreciated.

While you will have many opportunities to buy wonderful textiles in San Cristobal you might not have the time to thoroughly research things. I’ve found that the best strategy is to get an over -view of high quality pieces first and perhaps Sergio’s local textile collection is the best way to get oriented.

Sergio Castros’ collection of Regional Costumes is a great way to see the many complete outfits of the Highland Maya, the outfits in use daily in many communities as well as those used in ceremonies and weddings. Costumes have been donated over the years from his grateful patients who come for treatment of burns. Serigo is a well respected healer and will take the time to give lots of information while he tours you around this wonderful collection located in his home. You will need to call ahead to make an appointment.Tours usually start at 6pm and last about an hour. You can take pictures too. Donations are happily accepted so that Sergio can continue giving treatments without charge to the indigenous people.

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If you are interested in hearing more about Sergio’s humanitarian work here’s the official website with instruction on how to get there  and where you can make donations.  and a blog

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