Santa Fe Folk Art Market – NM – Visual Feast

A little after the fact – but worthwhile never the less – I wanted to mention a most extraordinary event that I attended this summer – July 9 – 11, 2010 – in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the largest international artisan festivals in the United States, the International Folk Art Festival is about 6 years old now and draws almost 25,000 people to the 3 days event.

Having some very good jeweler friends from Ecuador participating as artisans helped me feel the pulse of the event more deeply as I answered questions in their booth. Talking to attendees is fun – especially the awe in the faces of the children attending on Family Day – Sunday.

Of course as a textile junkie – I try and visit every artisan presenting textiles and I’m never disappointed. The traditional clothing worn is worth the price of admission alone.The quality of products is first class. Entertainment by the various cultural groups is always mesmerizing  and energetic. Every group wants to share their culture  through music and dance and about 360 different artisans from about 150 countries are invited.


For your enjoyment I have created another ‘Event Slideshow- Video’ for YouTube- another skill I’m developing with the help of the Apple Store (One on One tutorial program)  Albuquerque and my new MacBook Pro. Now you can click on my link and view a 3+ minute video slide show of the most fabulous textiles of the International Folk Art Festival 2010. Also a few pics to get you started…..

Also visit the International Folk Art Market website for more information:

Next years dates are July 8 – 11th  and make sure you are THERE !

2 thoughts on “Santa Fe Folk Art Market – NM – Visual Feast

  1. Sheri, It’s absolutely amazing! Congrats on the technology. I watched it full screen with blue tooth while Roberto slept. I’ve got the dates in my calendar. Who knows?

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