Collector Textiles on my ESTY Store

Sorry about being so tardy with posts. I’ve been on-the-road for a month and previously training English teachers for a couple of months in Oaxaca. I’m currently in Santa Fe with family but managed to bring about 50 lbs of items collected this past year in Mexico.

I’ve just created an ESTY Store – Living Textile – to see if there is interest from you, my readers, in adding a special item to your collection or in starting a collection with high quality items. I do assure you that these textiles are of the highest quality as I am constantly looking through piles of textiles on my rounds though markets and festivals. ‘No huipile left unturned‘…is my motto and I literally look at hundreds of items monthly. ALSO -‘Not all textiles are created equal.’ Some artisans just take more time weaving or embroidering and their product reflects this.

So trust my very experienced EYE and rest assured you will be getting something very special. Remember I have been collecting since I was 19 years old  and a student in Mexico….a very long time. I also was a textile product designer for 20 years with my own design studio in San Francisco. So, I’m looking at textiles with years of experience with color  and design and Mexican artisania. As my collector friends say – “Sheri gets the good stuff!”

Please check out a few samples here and then head out to the store to see more items – you can ask questions through my e-mail:

The following items pictured here:

1. Black and White Rebozo from Amusgo back-strap loom in the mountains off the coast of Oaxaca (near Guerrero) Cost $90

2. Bluson top – made of Amusgo back-strap loomed rebozo – finished with fine crochet work from Oaxaca artisans. Cost $155

3. Tehuantepec Top – older style form 50’s/60’s  – brown satin with hand embroidered flowers and machine stitched border. Cost $150. It’s a beauty!

4. Tehuantepc Top – older style from 50’/60′- black satin with red/yellow machine stitched embroidery – very intricate and fine. Cost $135.

Looking forward to hearing any comments about the items – or things you might to see in the store for the future.

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Hope you enjoy these beautiful items and want to put them on immediately. Sizes on request – (blouses are large).

Now check what I currently have on ETSY:


2 thoughts on “Collector Textiles on my ESTY Store

  1. I have a precious Tehuantepec costume purchased in 1974. It is what is described as “museum quality”. I have no grandchildren to give it to. Would you please give me an approximate selling price. I was a merchant selling folk art with a successful store in South Pasadena. The costume was worn by me on three occasions.

    • Hi there – you’ll need to send some pictures of the outfit so I can have an idea of the age and the configuration of design. This will help me give you an idea of what you might ask for the Tehuana outfit.
      You can send it to my private e-mail
      Sheri – Living Textiles of Mexico

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