Grant from LADAP for Mazahua ‘Rescate Traje’ Project

WONDERFUL  NEWS! Los Amigos de Arte  Popular (LADAP) a Mexican folk art collectors group from the US, has just awarded Living Textiles of Mexico a grant for materials for the Flores Silvestre, a Mazahua revitalization group project in Santa Rosa de Lima, Edo. Mexico.

The materials that will be purchased are indigo and cochineal dyes from the State of Oaxaca. This will facilitate the last stage of their revitalization project to produce 30 traditional wool skirt. If you read a few posts ago, the skirts are woven in 16 foot lengths to produce the wool enredos (circular skirts) woven on a back-strap loom which weigh about 7 lbs when completed.

These natural dyes previously came to the project from north of Mexico City at 300 times the cost of the materials here in Oaxaca. The wool for these skirts is harvested from local sheep, cleaned thoroughly and then sent to Toluca where is it carded and made into a loose ‘roving’.

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It is then hand spun with malecates, the most ancient of spindles, dyed with cochineal, indigo and wild marigolds, then hand woven on traditional back-strap looms. The final skirt in stripes of blue, orange, yellow and red (and sometimes green) is embroidered with tiny white patterns on the top and bottom side of the skirt. A magnificent traditional Mazahua skirt worth preserving.

One thought on “Grant from LADAP for Mazahua ‘Rescate Traje’ Project

  1. Hola Sheri,
    What a magnifico project and textile source you are involved in. This must be so rewarding for you and fascinating meeting all the women. What was amazing reading was that Toluca was where they carded ir. And that’s our old stompin grounds when we were students back in 1961!!! What a full circle you have made.
    Ralph and I wish you a wonderful Dia de Pascua. He had eye surgery 6 weeks ago for torn retina and recovering but slow and frustrating for him. This turned out not to be a year to do any side trips because of Dawn’s wedding in June. Willyou be here on June 26th for it? That would be a blessing. Did Giancarlo get married?
    If you stay in Mexico I hope to visit next year. What are your plans. We love you and send all the best to you and we see a textile book coming from your work.

    Larain and Ralph

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