Mazahua Week at Museo Textile Oaxaca – Jan 20 – 24th

At last the Mazahua ladies of Santa Rosa de Lima the Edo de Mexico will be visiting Oaxaca. Specifically they will be staying in the Teotitlan del Valle weaving town in the Valley of Oaxaca. At the Museo Textile de Oaxaca they will be visiting and demonstrating some telar de cinta techniques for finish braids from their brilliant quechquemitles and perhaps the weaving of one their heavy woolen skirts. Because their village project of revitalization is about preserving their traditional traje their visit is about cultural information exchange, specifically natural dyes information, with other indigenous artisans. So we hope  their visit to the Oaxaca Textile Museum and Teotitlan will be interesting for  them as it will be for us. Stay tuned for more details about their adventure in Oaxaca!


One thought on “Mazahua Week at Museo Textile Oaxaca – Jan 20 – 24th

  1. I am very interested in the beautiful embroidered blouses of Oaxaca, Chatino blouses from Yaitepec, Mixteca blouses etc etc. If they are beautifully embroidered then I am your girl. I am also very interested in traveling to any of these areas if you do any sort of tour. I have been in love with hand made textiles ever since I bought a hand knit sweater from a store in New York called “La Tiena”. There was an ad in the back of Seventeen magazine in 1976 and I sent them $35.00 for the sweater. It was a lot of money back then for a 17 year old ha ha.

    Let me know if you have any blouses I might be interested in.

    Thank you,

    Kate Martin

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