First Post

This is the first day of my Living Textiles of Mexico BLOG….something I have been talking about for at least a year.
I’ve been living in Mexico since Sept. 2007 and although I was working as a teacher trainer when I arrived I began to explore my surrounding area in the State of Mexico for indigenous culture. I ran upon the Mazahua Cultural Festival in October 2007 in the very-near village of San Felipe del Progresso and since that time I have been attending and recording interesting cultural events, fiestas, feast days, processions, sacred holidays all over Mexico….ones that bring the people out in their “BEST” outfits.

I am happy to report the traditional garments (and the regional ‘practical’ ones) are alive and well in Mexico. The tradition of wearing regional costumes or garments that identify a person as a Cuetzalan woman or a woman from the village of Teotitlan del Valle de Oaxaca are still the “Living Textiles of Mexico”.

This BLOG will feature some of my documentation of these “living textiles’ and and my intimacy with the process of making these textiles and/or their use in their traditional culture. It’s a very colorful and extremely interesting adventure that I am having.


3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. How wonderful and exciting – I will be tuning in to see what you have posted. Your documentation of these regional clothes and textiles will be a source of knowledge in the future too as indigenous cultures unfortunately get swallowed up by the homogenized world.

  2. Queria saber si alguien de ustedes conoce como se llaman y como se realizan unas faldas largas hechas de lana, que tienen textura
    peluda q se pintan con tierra negra !?

    • Hola Robert – este tipo de falda textura peluda, he visto en Chiapas en Chamula – pero no conoco la pinta de tierra negra – creo es de lana negro.
      Sheri de Living Textiles of Mexico

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